Dopo millenni di lavoro spesi per trasformare la lava dell’Etna in terre da coltivare e per strappare alla roccia fusa delle eruzioni una speranza di vita, nel corso della seconda guerra mondiale l’intera contrada di Monte Arso a Ragalna fu abbandonata e le sue ricche masserie caddero in rovina.

After millennia of work needed to transform Etna’s lava into lands to cultivate and to rip from the melted rock of the eruptions a life expectancy, during the Second World War the whole county of Monte Arso in Ragalna was abandoned and its rich masserie fell in ruins.

Then time began to erase the passage of man.

Year after year the autumn leaves covered the terraces that had housed orchards and vineyards, barley and rye; rain broke the stone walls, the brambles closed the paths and slowly a beautiful and luxuriant forest recaptured what centuries ago men had been taken away.

For this boscoscuro today is a landscape suspended between history and nature.

Coming in boscoscuro means not just staying in art rooms or tasting the best Sicilian cuisine.

It also means strolling along trails lining the remains of old lava flows, among stone shelters and cave houses that sheltered the coalmen. Or go for miles of terraces made by man and where now a charming forest of oaks and chestnuts reigns.
It means diving into a unique History of the World older than two thousand years

The hystory that boscoscuro tells today.


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