Who we are

Boscoscuro is an old mountain house from 1800 renovated into guesthouse, it’s at the centre of a 20-hectare estate in the Etna park, 1,100 meters high in Monte Arso woods and just 1 kilometre distant from the village of Ragalna.

In these ancient and evocative places, fully immersed in wildlife, we wanted to create a home-retreat for privacy and nature lovers.

After seventy years of neglect, during the restoration of what has been the largest farm in the area, we tried to follow and combine two guidelines: on the one side, to keep the typical external design of such a fascinating structure so as to let its deepest soul re-emerge, from the other side, to include features of  modern design.

Bedrooms have been transformed into real works of art by Sicilian artists and artisans, inspired by our history and culture.

Boscoscuro blends its structure typical of Etna’s landscape with art spaces and a design functional to conviviality, well-being and good food. It is a place where everyone can feel at home and get together for a coffee, a glass of good wine, a typical dish of our cuisine or simply to stroll and enjoy the sunset.

A simple, true and creative place.



Our Rooms

To spend a night in Boscoscuro means falling asleep within a work of art.

Boscoscuro offers accommodation in seven rooms entirely decorated by Sicilian artists and artisans and inspired by our history, to let you sleep while enjoying the silent woods in seven different worlds, made up of different materials and furnishings, colours, atmosphere, but above all emotions.


Our Restaurant

We want food to be a stimulus to increase our level of well-being. Therefore, Boscoscuro offers genuine products in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.
Located on a panoramic terrace during the summer and indoor in the other seasons, our restaurant reflects our identity.



The Park

In some hectares of our estate, those closest to the house, a nature park has been set up characterized by minimal impact on the environment. The park is surrounded by the woods and perfectly integrated with its vegetation.

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Telefono: +39 342 1068475
E-mail: parcomontearso@gmail.com