“Summer” Room

Summer is the suite that Boscoscuro has dedicated to the art of ceramics and the unforgettable landscapes of our countryside.

The tradition of Sicilian ceramics -which is one of the best examples of cultural heritage in our island- has ancient roots and is based on a process that takes place exclusively through special manual techniques which are very different from those featureless and standardized of mass retailing.

Paying homage to this tradition, Boscoscuro asked two Masters of Ceramics, Salvo Raciti and Mariella Barbagallo, to make an art room to convey the emotional appeal of colour and light of the Sicilian landscape through the use of ceramics and wall paintings.

Thus, “Summer” suite was created, a place where the landscape artistically recreated surrounds you: the handmade ceramic floor tiles depict leaves blowing in the wind, and the three-dimensional ceramic roof and walls panels display a pergola and field of sunflowers. A big three-dimensional picture as a whole.

In this room, art is able to broaden your perception of space and expand your horizons.

“Summer” Room (The Ceramic House)

  • Summer: Width 36 sqm
  • Ensuite bathroom with shower



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